[1] A Game of Thrones – Book review

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I’m going to be talking about the book and then going into the HBO TV series a little bit and comparing it to the book in just giving you guys my opinion on it. so first things first. this is a game of thrones it is the first book in a song of ice and fire which is an epic fantasy series by George R. R. Martin. and there are currently five books in the series and it is rumored that Martin is writing
in the sixth and seventh novels and if you are like me and you are a fan of the series I know you have your fingers crossed for those novels to come out very soon.

So deep breath Because there’s a lot going on in the story. so basically a game of thrones at its core is a mystery. now I say at its core because that is what the main story like kind of revolves round, but it’s surrounded by all of this epic fantasy stuff. that’s why it is considered an epic fantasy novel because it’s set in this medieval worlds and that is very similar to our reality but it is technically in nice like alternate reality because there are a mythical creature is involved and magical things. but for the most part it is a very human world.

now with the game of thrones it is very important to pay attention to the characters because there are lots of them and lots of relationships and lots of complex things going on in the story. But at the same time it’s very fun to read. So I’am going to try and simplify the story for you guys and hopefully this comes across the way that I wanted to. You know the story takes place on the fictional continents of Westeros which is divided between the north and the south. The north being the rules by the starks in Winterfell which is like the capital of the north. like I said earlier a game of thrones at its core is a mystery and the mystery is how did John Aaron die. now John Aaron is the hand of the king. So the king of Westeros is Robert Baerathian and the hand of the king is basically like the king’s adviser. he helps him with political decisions and basically does all the stuff they keep that the king doesn’t want to do so. all the boring stuff. So John Aaron dies. that means the team needs a new hand.

So the king leaves kings landing in the south and travels up north to Winterfell to see lord Eddard stark. Now Eddard stark pour it man Steig as his nickname go way back they were really close and they were basically like brothers. The king goes up all the way to Winterfell to ask Nad to be the new hand because he feels like he can’t trust anybody around him and Nad is the only person
left that he can truly trust.

Ned is reluctant but eventually agrees to go south with the king. Nad and it starts to believe that John Aaron didn’t die of natural causes. He believes that he was murdered. so it kind of revolves around John Aaron’s death and who killed John air and why and that is what the story is about. Now there is a lot going on around that mystery and when I say a lot I mean a lot.
so now you know the basic core of the Game of Thrones. We’re gonna get into the nitty gritty stuff and this is a very complex story but while you’re reading it it’s very very easy to follow.

The way that this book is written is just incredible by explaining it can be a little bit more difficult. Because I am not a genius like Mister Martin here. One of the things I love most about this book is the way that it is written. In written it is a breakthrough eight different character perspectives. So instead of number chapters, each chapter focuses on a different character’s story. Which makes it a very very interesting read and really connects you to you different characters and if you don’t like a certain character you got to worry about it because that chapters on the last that long and then you move on into a character that you do like a little bit better. But as far as I know I like all the characters even if I end up loving them they are still really interesting characters to read about.
and that is when you know a book is good when you can love characters that you hate. so running through those eight characters first we have Lord Eddard stark who is the lord of Winterfell in the north. Then there is Kaitlyn stack who is at odds white and the lady of Winterfell. There is also selling Jon snow who is Nad starks bustard Son. Susi starks who is the oldest daughter of Nad and
Caitlin and her sister Arya stark. And their little brother ran stark. and that there is Turian Lannister who is the younger brother of the queen.

so Susi Lannister is married to you Robert Baerathian and she is the queen of the round and her younger brother is Turiyan. And then last but certainly not least is my personal favorite character Denarius Targerian and I love her. She is by far my favorite character and she’s part of the old dynasty of the Targerians. And the target audience is to rule the room before a king Roberts came in and took the throne. And you get the background of the story in the book.

so denarius and her brother are the only survivors in their family and they planed to across the Sea in the east. So that’s where they are. So that is a basic rundown of the eight character perspectives in a game of thrones. Another thing that I really love about the game of thrones is that it follows three storylines at the same time. And that makes for a very very interesting to read. because you be reading and Reading about one Story and it builds you up and then moves to a different story. So it kind of leaves you hanging with the cliffhanger and there are lots of twists and turns in this book.

and things that you would not expect and you’re just like “oh my gosh where did that come from I was not expecting that to happen”, Martin is a true genius in that sense. so getting into the three story lines, the first one revolves around what’s going on in the seven kingdoms. So Westeros is divided into seven kingdoms. and this part of the story just kind of revolves around what’s going on in the royal Highborn world. So what’s going on with the Starks and what is going on with Nad going south to king’s landing and becoming the hand of the king. There is murder, romance, betrayal…everything and anything that you could ever wish for in a story is in this book.

The second story line of follows the happenings at the wall. now the wall is up north above Winterfell and it is basically this huge barrier. This huge icy wall that is hundreds of miles long. it is a massive massive wall and it is their to kind of protect the rest of the realm of from what lies about it. so all of the creatures and mystical things that are out there that can cause harm to the realm beneath. The wall is manned by the night’s watch which is a group of men who a lot of times are outcasts. So people who have committed crimes and if they are sentenced to death they’ll be sent to the wall which is actually considered worse than death. Because it is a very hard life it is very very cold up there and they have to wear all black they take the black. So they wear black they valid to basically devote their lives to the wall and protecting the realm. People who are sent up there are basically forced to join the night’s watch. But there are people like John snow who is Ned stark’s bustard son who volunteer to serve on the night’s watch and they take a vow of celibacy and like I said devote their lives to the wall.

Then the third story line follows all of the events that are happening in the east. So everything that is happening that with a Denarius Targerian and her brother. And her brother is basically very set on getting the thrown back and will do anything That it takes to get that thrown back. And it kind of follows their journey and Denarius just turning it into a strong independent woman and it’s a very very interesting story.

so that is the game of thrones book in a nutshell.

But I do want to say that it does have a mature contents. But to me personally I am not bothered by reading scenes of violence in books. I am where bothered by a senior visually on a TV screen. But what I’m reading it for some reason it doesn’t really bother me. So just kind of keep that in mind there is like insets and no violence. I do you recommend discretion when it comes to this book you know yourself better than anyone else. So I just want to put that little disclaimer out there because it does have mature content.

Okay so now moving on into the HBO TV series.

HBO does have A Game of Thrones TV series and is currently in its second season that just premiered on April first. And I have seen the entire first season twice. so I watch the show which made me want to read the book and then I watched the show over again so I could compare it to the book. And I have to say they stay very very true to the book which I was so happy about. I think for the time that they have in the TV show they do an incredible job. It is a visually beautiful TV show. Some liberties in the sexual department so there are some scenes and that don’t necessarily occur in the book but it is HBO so they do you add a little bit. All of that stuff to you their TV show it just says spice it up by guess. they just kind of keep that in mind there is like nudity and violence. I would say as a rule if you are fifteen years of age or older and the books are fine to read as far as the TV show goes. If you are under the age of eighteen I would ask your parents first to make sure that it’s okay with them.

So that’s my review of A Game of Thrones book. So guys read the book I can recommend that book will make you soo much impressive.