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Many fans of game of thrones have begun reading the book series that the show is based on.For a lot of people did novels seem like too much work to get through.That is why I want to talk about the best approach when trying to tackle the link the ice and fire novels.

so here’s how the books are broken up.

So far there are five released novels that make up a song of ice and fire.There are two more that are yet to be released.The sixth book name the winds of winter is expected to come out twenty seventeen according to author George R. R. Martin. For the most part each season covers the main plot lines from each individual book while also scrapping some original book plots altogether. since H. B. O. had to decide what was important enough to make the final cut of each episode.
With that being said if you haven’t started reading yet be prepared for a surprising story. many plot lines are quite a bit different in the novels.
Anyway the first book in the franchise is called a game of thrones. This book picks up right where season one starts off meaning it is standard to start their when reading the series. Another thing is that this is the shortest book out of the five with roughly seven hundred pages. Still quite a bit of work for the average reader. so if reading isn’t necessarily your thing you can always listen to it as an audio book. it’s a great option for someone who listens to music or talk radio while they work.

Even though a team of thrones the main starting point for most, I would encourage you to check out some of the companion books that Martin in this fellow authors and illustrators have created. one such book is called the world of ice and fire. The book is written from the view of a may stir and how he sees the world. it goes over the different historical events from the don age to where we are now.
The book was written for the ruler of the seven kingdoms given the Kenyan insight as to how the known world has evolved. if you’re the kind of person who likes to dip your feet no water before you for we commit I’d recommend the world of ice and fire. plus it’s all illustrated which is a big bonus for fans who take in information better with a visual aid.
The book runs around $30 dollars which happens to be about the same price as the five book boxed set. books like the world of ice and fire are great to read while also in the middle of the main series. because it adds additional information about legendary battles target area and cleans the children of the forest and much more.
There is also a separate book series that takes place in west rose about ninety years before the events of a song of ice and fire.
It follows the adventures of Sir Duncan the tall in a gun target area and the fifth. aegon being the younger brother of maister amen. Sir Duncan goes on to become the lord commander of the Kingsguard in aegon goes on to become ruler of the seven kingdoms. The series is still ongoing with Martin planing to have somewhere between six to twelve novellas in total after the series is completed.

Diving into the book series is a big commitment. it really is. If you enjoy a game of thrones and don’t mind reading a chapter two in your free time you can have a whole new look on the fantasy and also be that much more excited for season seven to air. Should you want to read a song of ice and fire make sure you read it slow and think of it more like a puzzle than just the average narrative. There are many secrets hidden in the text along with foreshadowing that will surprise you even after watching all the seasons of the show.

Hopefully this is helped a few fans that have been questioning whether to read the books or not.

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